Professional Liability

If you are a professional person such as a Doctor, Dentist, Physician Assistant, Chiropractor, Nurse, Attorney, Teacher or Real Estate Agent who has been called upon to defend against alleged improprieties involving your profession or license, Ronald P. Wright has years of experience in responding to and negotiating with the state agencies and departments that oversee your profession.

Attorneys, have you been sued? Are you uninsured, or did your insurance deny coverage because of the nature of the allegations against you – Barratry, Dishonesty, Fraud, etc? Has a grievance or Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPLC) complaint been filed against you? Please consult with our firm before you respond to the State Bar or the UPLC committee.

Please don’t make a mistake that could haunt you for the remainder of your career – your livelihood and reputation are at stake. An unassisted response, no matter how well thought out, may contain admissions against interest that could result in severe sanctions being levied against you.  Never respond without counsel! Contact Wright & Associates so that we can explain your rights to you and go to work protecting those rights.